After you buy hydrosol this is how you use it

But many folks reading this sustainable and environmentally friendly note for the first time do not have a clue what a hydrosol is. So before explaining how hydrosol is used, it is also necessary to provide consumers with a brief background. Many of you reading this note will be surprised to learn that you probably buy hydrosol products at least once a month, every month of the year, and especially around the end of the year when more is needed to help you meet your festive expectations.

Notice how lovely everything smells around that time of the year, even when you are surrounded with heavy snow and thick frost. Try your best to utilize your senses better and you will discover that there’s a nice soft scent wherever you go and in your home too. Once upon a time, all or most scents were partially derived from essential oils. Only the most concentrated ingredients from those extracts were preserved for bottling.  

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In the spirit of recycling as much as possible, unused extracts are no longer discarded and wasted. This is where hydrosol products begin to come into their own. All essential water is never wasted and is bottled as hydrosol. Both essential oils and hydrosols originate from natural plant materials. This is where those lovely scents are coming from. The finished product remains sustainable and healthy to use, no matter what it is being used for.

Plant and floral waters are mildly antiseptic and astringent. And, of course, they are fragrant. And how do you use hydrosols? Well, the list is endless, but just for a taster, hydrosols are used for herbal showers, healing remedies for aching joints and muscles and a soothing footbath.